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With temp-tations®, you’ll discover the key to cooking effortlessly and bringing life back to the table.

Temp-tations® is all-purpose, all-temperature, handcrafted kitchenware that was inspired by you and your family. Because even though you’re busy, you still crave the warmth and togetherness of family sitting down to a wonderful meal together.

Temp-tations® helps make that happen, by simplifying the way you cook and making it easy to pull together delicious meals every day — all while creating a beautiful presentation. You’ll have more time for the important things, like gathering with family and friends around the table, making memories, and slowing down long enough to enjoy the simple things in life.

Prep, bake, serve, store and reheat — all in one beautiful dish.

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You deserve versatile, affordable, beautiful ceramic bakeware that goes from oven to table to fridge to freezer to microwave to dishwasher! And since temp-tations® makes it easy to prep, bake, serve and store all in one dish, it will simplify your life. You’ll be able to make dishes ahead of time, put them in the freezer, and cook them whenever it’s convenient for you. And then bring them right to the table.

Temp-tations® saves you money because it costs less than other stoneware and replaces everything in your kitchen from glassware and metalware to plasticware. There’s no need to use and clean multiple dishes just to cook, serve and store a family meal. Plus, it’s naturally nonstick, so it’s a cinch to clean — which saves you time. You’re going to want to get rid of all of your other kitchenware, and replace it with temp-tations.

Each piece of temp-tations® is a work of art.

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The goal of temp-tations® is to create beautiful pieces of stoneware that feel special to our customers — pieces that are handcrafted and hand painted from raw materials like clay and natural pigments.

There’s amazing detail and individual workmanship in every piece. Because every piece is touched by a skilled artisan — so no two will ever be alike. That’s part of the charm of temp-tations – making each piece unique and collectible.

Our artisans have been hand painting ceramics for years, and each has his or her own style — resulting in varied brushstrokes that make every piece one of a kind. Every piece is slightly different, but together, they compliment each other beautifully.

Beautifully sculpted pieces in an array of patterns and colors means there’s something for everyone.

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Everyone is different, and we all have different styles. With temp-tations®, you can find a beautiful pattern and color that suits your personality and your taste, inspiring your time in the kitchen and at the table.

With over 25 patterns and a wide array of colors, temp-tations® offers a range of distinctive designs, from old world, colonial styles, to fun, playful looks, to the bold and contemporary.

New designs, patterns, inspirations, and color palettes are always being explored, and the introduction of a steady stream of new, coordinating items will help you build a fabulous collection you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Temp-tations® is unique in that many pieces are multi-purpose and created to multi-task.

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For example, a temp-tations Lid-It® isn’t just a casserole lid. It’s also a trivet, a cutting board, a cookie sheet, and a serving platter! And our little EZ Holds™ have 101 uses — from holding condiments, dips, sides, individual desserts, and leftovers to offering portion control. The possibilities are endless.

From chip & dip platters that flip over to become cake plates, to soup tureens that also serve as punch bowls, to utensil holders that work as flower vases — you’ll be amazed by the sheer versatility of temp-tations®.

Even the mixing and matching of different patterns and colors can give you a whole new look!

  • “Thank you for making products that inspire not only me but many others to cook, bake and try new things.”
    – Joan, Happy Customer
  • “Every piece of temp-tations is beautiful. Your products are so versatile and affordable.”
    – Marianne, Happy Customer
  • “Once you bake in them, you will never use another dish, and clean up is simple.”
    – Wilma, Happy Customer

“I believe you and your family should be able to sit down and share a wonderful meal together, no matter how hectic your schedule.”

When I was growing up, my family always gathered for dinner. Mom would cook, and I’d do the dishes. And I always joked that she must have used every dish in the house because the sink would be overflowing with pots, pans, baking dishes, serving bowls, plates, knives, and forks. As I got older, I got tired of cleaning all the dishes I used in my own kitchen while prepping, cooking, serving, storing and reheating meals for my family. There had to be an easier way — a simpler way to cook, with less clean-up. So one day, Mom and I pulled everything out of the cabinets that we used to cook a meal, and I asked, "How can we simplify all of this?"

And that’s how temp-tations® was born. I wanted to create something beautiful that would go from oven to table to refrigerator to microwave to dishwasher, all in one dish. And temp-tations® does just that. – Tara

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