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“I’m fortunate to have so many happy customers who have a passion for creating a beautiful presentation in the kitchen and on the table. See what some of our fans have to say.” Tara's Signature

What Customers and Facebook Fans are Saying:

I love temp-tations. I have bought it for both my daughter and daughter-in-law for Christmas. Thanks so much Tara.


I cleaned out ALL of the old Corelle, Pyrex, etc, and have replaced it ALL with temp-tations! I have it all over my house and it is GORGEOUS!


They say “clothes maketh the man”, but I think “temp-tations maketh the food taste better”……lol……..


These are the best baking/storage dishes ever!


This is the best bakeware and cookware you can get, and sooooo pretty! Tara does an awesome job with temp-tations, my kitchen is loaded with all different styles.


I own a lot of temp-tations and love every item…I will continue purchasing items to add to my collection…. Love it all!!!!!!


I just love your fabulous product. Great presentation on the table and the easiest clean up ever. I do believe my cooking tastes better in temp-tations.


I absolutely love, love, love ALL my temp-tations. They are so pretty and so easy to clean. I gave away all my corning ware.


My husband loves my temp-tations because he is often in charge of clean up and he says there is nothing easier to clean than temp-tations! Nothing sticks!


Tara, with 3 teenage girls who LOVE to cook, we use them all the time….

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